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Facial Guasha Workshops

Guasha is a Chinese Medicine technique utilizing a stone or horn tool to massage the body. Facial guasha is a practice using guasha techniques modified for the curves of the face in order to drain lymph (decrease puffiness), release fascial adhesions (tension spots) and lift and smoothe the skin for a healthy glow. 

Workshops are a vehicle to teach individuals and groups (up to 6 people) the why, when and how of facial guasha. During a workshop you will learn proper technique, where guasha fits into your skincare routine and achieve some serious self care on the way!

Facial guasha workshops cost $20 per person. Classes are conducted over Zoom. 

Contact us today to schedule a workshop for yourself or a group!

Workshops - Prairie Jewel Acupuncture in Muscatine, IA

Prairie Jewel Acupuncture

Veronica Timmons, Dipl.OM, LAc.

(641) 990-7335

1214 Cedar St., Muscatine, IA