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Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique is a non-invasive method to relieve symptoms caused by IgE ("true allergies") and IgG mediated allergies (commonly known as sensitivities).  Did you know that many common complaints are often connected to allergies? NAET theory suspects that a staggering 90% of health issues stem from allergies to everyday substances. 

NAET treatment is systematic. Each patient is expected to complete the 15 Basics before moving on to specific complaints. "The Basics" include "the basic essentials of life, the most commonly used food and enzymes from everyday life" (NAET Pain Relief, 248). The Basic Essentials are treated first to ensure maximum effectiveness of NAET treatment. Many people experience relief of symptoms after treatment for Basic Essentials. The Basics include BBF (Autonomic nervous system balance), Egg mix, Calcium mix, Vitamin C mix, B Complex, Sugar mix, Iron mix, Vitamin A mix, Mineral mix, Salt mix, Grain mix, Yeast mix, Acid, Base and Hormones. 

Interested in NAET? It is highly recommended that all interested parties identify possible allergens through an allergy test prior to treatment. Testing is absolutely necessary in order to safely and effectively treat IgE mediated allergies. It is also recommended that interested parties read Dr. Devi Nambudripad's book Say Goodbye to Illness before beginning treatment. 

For more information about NAET please visit the official website. Link

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